Food Pantry


 This ministry supplies food for the needy. The food is obtained through Dare to Care and giving people throughout Greenville and the surrounding region. Several churches support us. We are blessed to have faithful volunteers. God has never allowed us to run out of food. With the food everyone receives prayer. Many people have given their lives to Jesus, recommitted, repented, been set free from drugs, delivered, bodies healed, families restored, and by the prayer of faith received jobs. Some people just need a helping hand, others deliverance from poverty, but they all need love. If your walking with Jesus let us know if you would like to help.


2 thoughts on “Food Pantry

  1. I am an elder at The Crossing Christian Church. We have been meeting in rented space in New Albany, but are in the process of purchasing property in Greenville (9265 Hwy 150 – The old Greenville Funeral Chapel). We will start having services at that location on 12/24.

    Several of our members have been involved in a program providing meals in a poor area of New Albany. They are interested in similar areas of ministry in our new community. We would like to find out if there are opportunities for us to support your existing food ministry.

    1. Tim sorry I dont check our web sight very often. Got your message. Give me a call after 1/1/18. My cell is 502-544-9706. Thank you and Lord bless you. Again sorry didnt get back. pastor Mark Avery

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