Highway 150 Corridor


 The Lord gave me a vision called the Hwy. 150 Corridor. He told me that if we were faithful to meet and pray for revival with other churches in this region that he would set Hwy. 150 ablaze with revival fire. We were to pray for souls, families, revival, unity of the churches. He didn’t say compromise but He said unity.

 As I researched Hwy.150 it starts in Mt. Vernon Ky. and ends in Quad Cities Illinois. That’s a little over five hundred miles of burning revival. We have been meeting for a little over five years and have been faithful to meet the third Tuesday of every month in different churches up and down Hwy. 150. I am so blessed to have mentors, pastors who I call my pastors. I have made many friends and have many intercessors. We haven’t seen the great move of God yet but I’believe it’s coming very soon.

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“Three to Six Prayer Warriors”

The Lord also showed me to form a group of warriors who would pray once a month, one hour, from the hours of 3-6 a.m. The prayer would be focused on the 150 Corridor Churches, souls, unity of the body and a monthly prayer focus that I would pray to receive the first day of the month. The warriors would receive scrolls with the covenant and their duties as watchmen on the wall. We now have every day filled pray The Lord. The vision went on to say the number of watchmen would be 126,976. If you are called to participate, let me know. It is a high calling.

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